• QL-65~120QL-65~120
    Description:  This filter consists of air filter and oil filter two parts, Not only can prevent impurities mixed with particles in the process of using neutralization tank refueling, can also be maintained pressure balance inside and outside of the tank, to prevent the occurrence of cavitation of pump.  The ins...
  • WU、XU Series Suction FilterWU、XU Series Suction Filter
    Description:INTRODUCTION:This kind of filter is rough filter and can be installed at the inlet of the pump and can protect the pump not to in breathe the bigger impurity. The filter is simple designed. It is easy to let oil go through and it has small resistance. It also has threaded connection and flanged conn...
  • TCPLF-H Series High Pressure Line Filter TCPLF-H Series High Pressure Line Filter
    Description:  * TCPF series filter is a high pressure pipeline filter of our company.  * Working temperature: -20℃~110℃  * Working pressure: ≤35MPa  * Signal generator differential pressure:0.35±0.05MPa  * By-pass valve opening differential pressure: 0.40±0.05MPa  * It can be customized according to the needs o...
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